Claudia Cermerón is currently the publicist for articles regarding the visible changes we have seen in the Environment recently and one very controversial topic which is discussed frequently nowadays in social media: Climate Change.


Currently, Claudia is an upcoming senior in St Peter’s School Barcelona, where she is starting her second year of the IB Diploma Programme. In 2020 she will be attending college and hoping to study a double degree in Economics joint with another aspect of her interest which she still has to discover. She hopes that this experience, and writing articles - not only about environmental aspects but maybe explore topics such as politics, finance and so on - enlighten her to choose a specific career


Claudia has been actively engaged in several national and international experiences including the Model of European Parliament of Catalonia Program, Change the World United Nations - both in Barcelona and in the UN headquarters in New York as both a delegate and a staff member- and the EduCaixa Programe in Economics. She has also volunteered with children in centres such aS Les mans in L ́Hospitalet, and will be volunteering next year internationally in Bali, Indonesia or in South Africa. 


In the near future, Claudia hopes to have a career where she can help the world become a better place, and try to eradicate aspects which are both bad for us especially the environment.