Regie Jimena is a high school student at Colegio Xaloc. He joined ACTICE due to his passion for history and politics. For him, what is currently happening in the world has an explanation. He considers the history as the science of the “whys”, and that our present-day is a mere consequence of the events that occurred in the past. He believes in the constant evolution of society, that we need to make a change by learning from the mistakes of our ancestors in furtherance of building a better world. And the people capable of such change are the young, the cornerstone of our future. 


He was born in Barcelona, but he spent his childhood in the Philippines. Owing to that, Regie managed to learn Tagalog – the official language of the Philippines – from a very young age and had experienced about the lifestyle of a non-European society. He currently lives in Barcelona, studying his second year of Bachillerato and the International Baccalaureate DP. He has a dream to pursue, a clear goal to achieve, a fixed future project. After finishing high school, he plans to study a degree related to International Relations, since his dream is to become a diplomat.


In addition to his passion for history, Regie is passionate about music. He plays five instruments and his favorite one is the guitar. He loves to entertain people with his music and that’s why he’s actively participating in a Filipino Organization related to young people. Furthermore, Regie has a band in which he’s the main drummer. 


To sum up, Regie will be the publicist for articles about history and politics in order to understand the “whys” and the repercussions they caused in our society, in pursuance of raising awareness among young people of what’s currently happening in the planet and encouraging them to change the way they live.

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