My name is Denisa Pavel and I am the responsible of the Armed Conflicts section. I am currently studying a degree in International Relations at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

I was born in a small city called Sebes in Romania and moved to Spain at age of four. As a consequence, I grown up in a different culture and environment, learning how to speak two more languages that I could consider mother thongs for me. However, I am still very connected with my roots and always try to be updated about the political and social situation.

I consider myself a very curious person who always wants to learn about the evolution and occurrences around the world. I enjoy talking about politics, economy and I always search for
the sociological and philosophical approach. Therefore, apart from raising awareness about armed conflicts and how they advance, I will also try to explain how politics and other indicators could condition the society affected and the consequences they had on the conflict.

Moreover, I have also taken part in courses with totally different thematic, such as the Global Affairs Scholars Program organized by BIPP HUBB and IBEI; as well as Value Investment at Value School. Furthermore, I am planning to involve myself in voluntary work programmes regarding integration of refugees or reinsertion of young teenagers.