Gabriela Manea is a high school student and ACTICE's publicist for Political Philosophy. She is currently in her second year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at St. Peter's School, in Barcelona.

Gabriela was born in Tulcea, a city in South-Eastern Romania, but she moved to Barcelona at age four and has been living there since. She still maintains contact with her home country and likes to follow its political situation. 

Her favorite subjects in school are Economics and Philosophy, subjects that she believes have reconfigured her perception of societal structures and human conduct.

Having lived in two countries that are both governed by young and unsteady democracies, Gabriela feels driven to pursue a degree in Politics and Economics.

Gabriela believes in the principle that political participation is the most fundamental feature of democracy. Thus, she tries to become involved in participatory activities ranging from those in the academic spectrum, to those in the public sphere.

Gabriela hopes to deliver relevant articles that help elucidate fundamental and long debated questions in Political Philosophy.