Jathew Roman is currently an undergraduate in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona. He became a member of ACTICE to comprehend but also to raise the consciousness of such topics as injustice, inequalities or inefficiencies of today’s world.


Engaged in social and economic issues in the developing countries, Jathew is passionate about discovering how to bring prosperity and take the biggest potential to increase the contentment of those countries.

Moreover, he has a strong attachment to discussing which are the problems that face those nations, and where do they fail through their way to becoming a state that provides satisfaction to their inhabitants. As a future economist, Jathew commits himself to use the science of economy as a tool to demonstrate how everything functions, together with how can we improve everyone’s lives.


Last but not least, Jathew aims to make an impact on the youth by spreading ideas and ways of thinking and hopes to encourage more people to understand as well as be aware of issues that we face nowadays.

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  • https://twitter.com/actice_org