Jimmy Crespo is the Vice President and Co-founder of ACTICE Youth Think Tank. He joined this project because, in spite of all the facilities of a developed country, he felt that he was not making the most of what he had. That is why he decided to commence with Jerico Agdan an organization that not only tells the truth of the injustices that are happening but also contributes to human development by creating innovative policies, which help to change the world.


Despite having lived most of his life in Spain, Jimmy is originally from Bolivia and he lives in Barcelona due to there he is doing his second year of the International Baccalaureate. Jimmy’s short-term aspiration is to study at university any degree related to politics and economics but his wished long-term aspiration is to enter in Bolivian politics in the future. The reason for this is because throughout the history of Bolivia there has not been a president who was well instructed and did not follow the orders of the big lobbies, that is why he wants to initiate a drastic change in Bolivian politics. 


Concerning his hobbies, Jimmy is a lover of running, reading George Orwell’s books and listening to Spanish debates of politicians and academics.


All his acquired knowledge has been put into practice in events such as debating tournaments, in the European Youth Parliament and summer courses about politics and economics.  Jimmy has the purpose of doing more activities such as the previous ones in order to acquire more knowledge, and then apply it to policies that will be created in ACTICE.

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