Marc Clotet is a small investor and a senior high school student from Barcelona, Spain. Marc was appointed to take part in ACTICE as the International Director for Finance and Chief Researcher on Investment Issues. 


Since his childhood, his ambition and encouragement for taking up new projects has been in presence. Marc enjoys travelling around the world and discovering new cultures. To this matter, he has a strong passion on aviation. He uses to play with his Flight Simulators, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, where he accumulates a total amount of more than 400 flight hours. Flying and controlling commercial airplanes, even in a simulator, has always been a challenge for him. As he recalls, “following all the adequate procedures and understanding the sophistication of 21st-century airplanes helps us to learn from our day-to-day life, which in comparison to aviation business becomes increasingly competitive”. Nowadays, his passion continues alive. Nevertheless, he is also keen on reading and analysing the Financial Statements of the most important companies worldwide.


Apart from being a tennis player, Marc is also a skillful reader. He is esteemed for his knowledge on small investments in different stocks and government bonds. For this reason, Marc is considered a small investor. 


Wishing to make a mind-change to the current worldwide teenagers, turning them into successful investors, not speculators, he brings interesting information concerning Investment Issues. 


Marc encourages people to never stop learning,  in order to maintain a well-informed thought through the reading of IC4JD Articles. He has always kept in mind the following quote from his native english teacher, who he had during his secondary studies: “Always go to next level”. As Marc has always pointed out, “life is a ladder and those who don’t take steps forward won’t achieve success”. 

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