Raquel Sánchez is the International Director for Web Editing and the Chief Researcher in Gender Equality of the ACTICE. 

Born in Spain, Raquel has been living in Barcelona where she studies Social Baccalaureate to make a degree in International Relations and then, specialize in education due to she wants to change the Spanish educational system in the future. For her, the way we learn is very important and worries about the new future generations who are thought to have to be taught correctly and not be part of an economical business.

Seeing the current situation in her country and all over the world, she bothers about gender equalities too. She hopes each country to recognise women's rights. 

So, in order to acquire more knowledge of the society, she took part in some courses like 'Bojos per la ciència' (Crazy for economics) organized by University Pompeu Fabra and Centre de Recerca en Economia Internacional (CREI)  and 'Participa! Ciutadania Activa i Responsabilitat Social' (Participate! Active Citizenship and Social Responsibility)  by the same university. Also, she did volunteering in teaching refugee children Spanish. Furthermore, Raquel plans to do more voluntary work in Greece next year.   

With this project, Raquel aspires to involve people in actual issues to improve the tomorrow as discover different subjects which can share with everybody. Additionally, expand the awareness between youth and their curiosity about these aspects.

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