Ryan Oakmont is an athlete and researcher born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He is completing his senior year of high school and is renowned for his participation in Spain’s national modern pentathlon team.


Ryan is passionate about the power of the word. He loves words. He loves studying new languages in order to learn from other cultures. He loves public speaking, choosing the right words in order to inspire and share ideas with his peers. He loves writing articles on Medium, where he discusses topics he is interested in. He loves economics, the one science which tries to explain not how the world works but how people work in our world. And yes, he loves choosing the right words in order to share his take on the economy and how we can best use politics to maximize the prowess of economic policy done right.


Ryan not only hopes to choose the right words to share a new perspective on global issues but also to find the combination of words that inspires the youth to take active participation in shaping the world of tomorrow.

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  • https://twitter.com/actice_org