ACTICE members are proactive and down-to-earth students. We care about the world, and specially, the people. We have the lust for learning and high ambitions. Besides, ACTICE members are also talented entrepreneurs, young leaders of their circle and very community-oriented. 

Jerico Agdan (Philippines)


 Founder, Director for External Affairs and Chief Researcher in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Miriam Dámaso (Spain)

Director for Research & Article Organization and Chief Researcher in Human Rights.

Marc Clotet (Spain)


 Director for Finance, Director for Social Work and Chief Researcher in Investment Issues.

Regie Jimena (Philippines)


Chief Researcher in Geopolitics and Strategy.

Jimmy Crespo (Bolivia)

Co-Founder, Director for Internal Affairs and Chief Researcher in Democracy.

Raquel Sánchez (Spain)

Director for Web Editing and Chief Researcher in Gender Equality - Feminism.

Claudia Cermerón (Spain)


Chief Researcher in Environment and Climate Change.

Jan Guardiola (Spain)


Chief Researcher in Political and Social Organizations.

Ryan Oakmont (Spain)

 International Budget Analyst and Chief Researcher in Political Economy.

Jathew Roman (Philippines)


Director for Creative and Marketing Department, Director for Strategic Communications and Chief Researcher in Developing Countries.

Gabriela Manea (Romania)


Vice-Director for Web Editing and Chief Researcher in Political Philosophy.

Denisa Pavel (Romania)


Chief Researcher in Armed Conflicts.

Board of Directors

· President: Jerico Agdan.

· Vice-President: Jimmy Crespo.

· Secretary-General: Denisa Pavel.

· Deputy Secretary: Raquel Sánchez and Jathew Roman.

· Treasurer: Marc Clotet.

· Official Spokespersons: Miriam Domínguez, Ryan Oakmont and Gabriela Manea.


·  Internal and External Affairs Department.

· Finance Department.

· Creative and Marketing Department.

· Web and Articles Department.

· Social Work Department.

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  • https://twitter.com/actice_org