The objectives that guide our actions

ACTICE Youth Think Tank is a youth-led organization whose aim is to foster young people’s interest in social and political participation. Our ultimate goal is to make a difference in the world, by raising youth's voice and making an impact on governments and firms in the pursuit of the common good. We envision ourselves in the future inspiring young people to take actions instead of staying in bed, developing conferences and events to bolster youth’s ideas to the world wherein youth are still considered voiceless, and finally making the upcoming generations more optimistic about the world. We hope to become an organization with global influence.



Seeing how we cannot compete with traditional political think tanks regarding research production and quality, and taking into account the unique characteristics of the project’s members and the nature of the endeavour, ACTICE’s mission is twofold: ​

We aspire to serve as a gateway to youth in order to raise awareness about topics concerning our society through our think tank.

We endeavour to inspire young voters through our own initiatives and projects to take action in order to change our society for the better. 


Our values reveal themselves to us:

  • TEAMWORK: We work together, across boundaries, to make a difference. 

  • POSITIVISM: We are optimistic about the future of the world and society.

  • LEADERSHIP: We are young proactive entrepreneurs: we love taking actions. ACTICE prepares the future leaders of tomorrow.